Altars are objects found in the Underworld. Interacting with one can produce positive or negative effects:

  • Your hunger bar can be emptied.
  • Your health and hunger bars can be filled.
  • The altar can spawn any random monster in the game.
  • The altar can double one stackable item in your inventory* (restrictions apply).
  • The altar can do nothing.
  • The altar can disappear.

The number of uses an altar has is also random.

Duplicating Items

The altar can randomly select a stackable item in your inventory, and dupicate it.

  • This process will add up to 30 of the randomly selected item to your inventory.
  • Steel bars, healing potions, and silver have a lower cap than 30.
  • You can only gain 2 gold from an altar, and if you have more than 10 half will vanish!

To leverage this mechanic you can drop any stackable items in your inventory besides the one you wish to duplicate before interacting with the altar (putting a floor tile down first is a good precaution). Just do not drop gold facing the altar if you have infamy, unless you wish to remove it.

Removing Infamy

If you have infamy, dropping gold while facing an altar will pay to remove some of it.