Building a House

One of the first things you will want to build is a house for yourself to keep your items safe and protect you from the wild. It can be a simple structure with a few wooden walls to start. Building floor tiles allows you to keep items on the ground, otherwise those items decay after 10 minutes. It’s optional to build floor tiles under your walls. If you have enough gold you can rent a house in Market Square to keep your things safe, and then you don’t have to keep your walls repaired.

When building a house make sure to start small and simple, especially if you are by yourself. Otherwise repairs and tower costs will take more of your time.

Roads make players walk faster while traveling on them. It’s nice to have a road from your house to an area with resources. Roads and empty floor tiles decay over time depending on their quality. Floor tiles wont decay unless they are next to a non-blocking nature tile or cave wall.

Structures take about four hits to destroy by the player who built them, but much longer if taking damage from other players. If someone builds a structure directly next to your structure you can destroy it as if it was your own.

When equipped, certain weapons (like hammers) will ignore interactive objects like doors and destroy them instead.

When you have a repairing skill of 10 or more you can use repair kits to fix up to 6 structures at a time. You must have flint in your inventory because it may drain some flint as you repair in this way. The area repaired is 3 wide and 2 deep, so you can double layer your walls or place towers and furniture up against your walls using this method.