Foraging allows you to gather useful tradeskill items and survive in the wilderness as a vegan.

Holly Bush: Gives Tinder which is used in many recipes.

Spice Bush (rare Holly Bush): Caraway (boosts speed), Coriander (hp regen), Black Pepper (boosts experience).

  • Spices have an increased effect when cooked in a pot, but can also be eaten raw, gaining the greatest effect with 5 other ingredients (150 speed for 15 steps, 3.0 regen/second, 250% exp) (needs more testing).
  • Caraway, Coriander and Black Pepper drop at about a 3:2:1 ratio.
  • If planting and harvesting your own Holly Seeds, you will get about 88% Tinder, 6% Caraway, 4% Coriander and 2% Black Pepper.

Salmonberry Bush: Slowly gather berries to eat.

Dye Bush: Gives Woad, Weld and Madder which previously came from individual seeds and bushes. Now they are random from a single bush at about a 1:1:1 ratio.

  • When dropped on top of a Bucket filled with water dye is created.
  • Woad makes Blue Dye, Weld makes Yellow Dye and Madder makes Red Dye.
  • Dye is mainly used in Knitting, but there are other things to make, such as Training Dummies or Depth Recall potions.

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