Mining yields different materials depending on the rocks you mine, with different rocks belonging to different biomes. However because of spawn behavior rocks (except for gem rocks) can sometimes be found outside their biomes.

Mining Chance Formula:

Note: This information needs to be retested after a recent adjustment patch (March 3rd, 2018).

5% + (Mining Level × Pickaxe Modifier)%

It appears everyone starts with a 5% chance to mine, which increases approximately 1% per level (but still just shy of 100% at level 100 mining). Pickaxes apply a multiplier, lowering the mining cap depending on the type of pickaxe used.

(Different pickaxes require higher character levels to equip, as noted in the second column.)

Pickaxes Lvl Multiplier Cap Notes
Stone Pickaxe 0 1.125 85
Bone Pickaxe 5 ? ? Hasn't been tested.
Bronze Pickaxe 34 1.350 71
Iron Pickaxe 51 1.500 64

Mining Bonuses

Items Lvl Type Mining Notes
Peddler's Gem 12 Accessory +6 Also adds +6 chopping.
Merchant Cloak 15 Light Armor +3 Also adds +3 chopping.

You can also enchant items with a bonus to mining using citrine, quartz, and sapphires.

Rock Yields

Different rocks can be better--or even unique--sources for different materials, as detailed below.

Desert Rocks

Found in the sand biome; prime source for stone, minerals, and precious metals.


Stone2 Stone 75%
Flint Flint 10%
Hematite Hematite 7%
Mal Malachite 4%
Cass Cassiterite 3%
Silver Silver 0.7%
Gold Gold 0.3%

Plain Rocks

Found in the grass biome, a common starter rock that offers little besides stone and flint.


Stone2 Stone 90%
Flint Flint 10%
Gold Gold ~0.01%

Black Rocks

Found in the snow biome, these rocks are a significant source of obsidian.


Stone2 Stone 75%
Flint Flint 10%
Obsidian Obsidian 15%
Gold Gold ~0.01%

Gold Rocks

Mainly found in the Underground, these rocks are very rich in minerals and precious metals.

Gold rock

Flint Flint 40%
Hematite Hematite 28.25%
Mal Malachite 16%
Cass Cassiterite 3.75%
Silver Silver 8%
Gold Gold 4%

Crystal Rocks

Only found in the Underworld, a highly sought-after source of gems for Enchanting.


Stone2 Stone 55%
Gems Gems 20%
Flint Flint 10%
Hematite Hematite 7%
Mal Malachite 4%
Cass Cassiterite 3%
Silver Silver 0.7%
Gold Gold 0.3%