Equipment runes: When equipment is spawned there is a chance it will have special properties. When you equip it you will see one or more rune properties with a power level next to each: ex(1). This value can go up to (5) for each rune on the item. ex: ancient (5) radiant (1) stained (2). Rarity increases dramatically as the power level increases.

These have a rare chance to be crafted, and a better chance to be found in chests. The deeper you are and higher your questing skill the better runes you will find. Properties stack between equipped gear items.

Note that presence of runes increases the item's base level requirement. Regular Guardian Ring requires you to attain level fifteen to wear it while Guardian Ring with Stained(1) needs three more to be worn.

The modifications are explained below. Note that those are percentage points rather than actual percents. If your current gained experience modifier is +150% equipping item with Ancient(1) rune will change your modifier to +160%, not +165%.

Rune Bonus
Ancient +10% experience
Stained 1% critical hit chance
Glowing 3% armor penetration
Radiant 6% gathered Myst
Humming 8 movement speed