Smelting is the process of melting ores into ingots and combining them in order to create a higher tier Alloys. 

Smelting Process

In order to smelt ores you will need the following:

  • Fire Pit
  • Wood
  • Clay Bowl
  • Desired Ore

First you must fill the clay bowl with your choice of ore. To do so simply drop the clay bowl on the floor then drop the ore on the same tile as the bowl.

Ore Ingot





Once you have a clay bowl filled with your choice of ore place it on top of a lit fire pit. When the top of the bowl flattens it's finished. Pick it up, and you will be rewarded your clay bowl back and a corresponding amount of Ingots to the amount of ore you placed in the bowl.

Compound Ingots

Some Ingots can be combined in order to create superior metals.

The process is the same as smelting ores into ingots. Drop a clay bowl on a ground, and fill it with ANY  bars that are compatible.

The outcome will be the average amount of ingots you put in. For example: One Tin and Nine copper will produce Five Bronze Ingots. 

First Second Result




Iron Smelting

Procuring iron is different from the smelting process for copper, tin, and bronze. You will need a bloomery and attached bellows to smelt iron, using hematite and charcoal in equal quantities.

  • Bloomery: 250 stone, 150 clay, 8 charcoal, 10 silver.
  • Bellows: 6 hides, 30 wood, 5 silver.

Hematite and charcoal dropped while facing the bloomery will be placed in it, up to 10 of each at a time. Then move over to operate the bellows to smelt the ore, and collect the iron after the fires die down.

The amount of iron collected increases with your smelting level, gaining an extra bar approximately every 2.5 levels per 10 hematite and charcoal used (so around every 2 and 3 smelting levels).

This is the difference of 6 iron per 10 hematite and charcoal at 4 smelting and 27 iron at 54 smelting for the same materials. The amount of iron collected depends on the smelting level of the bellows operator when smelted.