Traits are random perks that are rerolled if you die or reincarnate. Angel dust can unlock multiple traits.

List of Traits

Trait Effect
Alert: 15% bonus dodge chance.
Deadly: 4% bonus critical strike chance.
Fast: 60 bonus movement speed.
Healthy: Hunger bar drains at half speed.
Organized: 1000 bonus weight capacity.
Precise: 10% bonus to hit chance.
Quick: 100ms faster attacks and actions.
Reverent: 15% bonus myst gain.
Strong: 3 bonus attack.
Sturdy: 30 bonus max health.
Tough: 3 bonus defense.
Wise: 15% bonus experience gain.

Angel Dust

You accumulate angel dust as you play and level up; earned angel dust is acquired whenever you die or reincarnate (which also rerolls your traits). Angel dust from being online is highest shortly after death, while leveling up gives more the longer you have been alive. After gaining certain amounts of angel dust you will unlock additional traits.

Traits Angel
1 0
2 500
3 2,000
4 4,500
5 8,000
6 12,500
7 18,000
8 24,500
9 32,000
10 40,500
11 50,000
12 60,500