This is a general reference for prices on the US East server.

Prices are in gold unless noted (silver is not a widely accepted currency outside very minor transactions). Players can set whatever prices they wish in-game; This page is intended to reflect a guideline of prices, not dictate what they should be.

Left = Quantity of Item : Right = Price in Gold( Silver indicated with [s] )

Common Materials


Wood2 Wood 100-200:1 High Demand.
Stone2 Stone 100-200:1 High Demand.
Clay2 Clay 50-100:1 High Demand.


Flint Flint 50-100:1 High Demand.
Silver Silver 50-75:1 Med Demand.
Obsidian Obsidian 40-60:1 Med Demand.
Tinder2 Tinder 100-200:1 Med Demand.
Mud Dirt 20-40:1 Med Demand.
Mud Mud 20-40:1 Med Demand.
Dragon scale Dragon Scales 5-10:1 Med Demand.
Feather2 Feathers 10:1 Med Demand.
Hide2 Hides 100:1 Low Demand.
Pelt2 Pelts 100:1 Low Demand.
Bone2 Bone 100:1 Low Demand.
Turtle shell Turtle Shell 50:1 Low Demand.



Cassiterite2 Cassiterite 100:1 Used to smelt Tin.
Malachite Malachite 100:1 Used to smelt Copper.
Hematite Hematite 200:1 Used to smelt Iron and Steel.


Tin2 Tin 50:1 Smelted from Cassiterite.
Copper2 Copper 50:1 Smelted from Malachite.
Bronze2 Bronze 30:1 Smelted from Tin and Copper.
Iron Iron 20:1 Smelted from Hematite and Charcoal.
Steel Bar Steel 4:1 Smelted from Hematite, Charcoal, and Gold.


Charcoal Charcoal 10-20:1 Used to smelt Iron and Steel.



Wool Wool 20:1 Used to make Yarn.
Yarn2 Yarn 15:1 Used for Knitting.


Woad Woad 40:1 Used to make Blue Dye.
Madder Madder 40:1 Used to make Red Dye.
Weld Weld 40:1 Used to make Yellow Dye.

Bottled Dyes

Blue dye Blue Dye 20:1
Red dye Red Dye 20:1
Yellow dye Yellow Dye 20:1



Emerald Emeralds 10:1
Ruby Rubies 10:1


Amethyst Amethyst 10:1
Aquamarine2 Aquamarine 10:1
Citrine2 Citrine 10:1
Garnet2 Garnet 10:1
Peridot Peridot 10:1
Quartz Quartz 10:1
Sapphire Sapphire 10:1
Topaz Topaz 10:1



Raw meat Raw Meat 150:1
Fish meat Fish Meat 250:1


Egg Eggs 100:1 Low Demand.
Egg [Fertilized] Eggs 1:1 Doesn't stack with other eggs.


Carrot Carrots 100:1 Low Demand.
Lettuce Lettuce 100:1 Low Demand.
Onion Onions 100:1 Low Demand.
Potato Potatoes -- Nonexistent Demand.
Tomato Tomatoes 100:1 Low Demand.


Black pepper Black Pepper 10:1 High Demand.
Caraway Caraway 10:1 Low Demand.
Coriander Coriander 15:1
Honey Honey 5:1


Tree Seeds

Acorn Acorns 8:1

Vegetable Seeds

Carrot seed Carrot Seeds 30:1 Low Demand.
Lettuce seed Lettuce Seeds 30:1 Low Demand.
Onion seed Onion Seeds 30:1 Low Demand.
Tomato seed Tomato Seeds 30:1 Low Demand.

Bush Seeds

Holly seeds Holly Seeds 30:1 Low Demand.
Dye seeds Dye Seeds 20:1 Low Demand.
Salmonberry seeds Salmonberry Seeds 30:1 Low Demand.

Herb Seeds

Aloe seed Aloe Seeds 100:1 Low Demand.



Arrow Arrows 250:1


Worm Worms 300-500:1


Cooking pot Cooking Pot 1:1 Low Demand.
Iron shovel Iron Shovel 1:1 Low Demand.
Repair kit Repair Kit 1:10[s] Generally traded for Silver.
Scholars lens Scholar's Lens 1:1 Low Demand.
Tribe relic Tribe Relic 1:1 Low Demand.


Depth recall Depth Recall 2:3 Med Demand.
Escape lantern Escape Lantern 1:10[s] Generally traded for Silver.
Escape rope Escape Rope 1:10[s] Generally traded for Silver.


Bandage Bandages -- Nonexistent Demand.
Aloe Aloe 150:1 Med Demand.
Healing potion Healing Potions 15:1 High Demand.

Skill Tomes

Ability I. II. III. IV. V.
Dash book Dash 10g 20g 30g - -
Disorient book Disorient 10g 20g 30g - -
Frostbite book Frostbite 10g 20g 30g
HR Healing Rain 10g 15g 20g 40g 80g+
Shell Shell 10g 20g 30g 45g 80g+
WW Whirlwind 30g 60g 100g+ - -